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“VR gives you the chance to step into someone else’s skin. As a white person, you can look down and see Black hands. As a man, you can be a woman. As a young person, you can be old. There’s nothing else in gaming that can create that kind of empathy.”

Derek H. makes VR games that both entertain and instruct. His VR

experience I Am A Man uses the @Oculus headset to provide an immersive look at the Civil Rights Movement, giving his audience a first-

person perspective of the 196


"We’re all hunkered down, but we’re going to come out of this together."

As the year comes to a close, we like to look back on some of the stories- the people- from around the world who use Facebook products and apps for good. 2020 looked very different than any other year, in more ways than one, but despite the challenges facing our world, one thing Community Voices witnessed time and again: kindness. People selflessly seizing the opportunity to help those who need it most- from neighbors to strangers on the other side of the globe. To create community. To support small businesses. We hope it brings a little bit of hope, that even when we can’t be together, we can still be there for each other.

posted a video to playlist Community Voices.


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“When we needed our local Chinatown restaurants, you were there. Now it’s our turn to be there for you.” - Grace Chang

This talented group of Asian American engineers, designers, writers, and marketers have stepped up to create Send Chinatown Love (SCL)—a community fundraising organization that supports Chinatown’s struggling merchants at a time when business is at a record low. The 30+ full-time volunteers represent New Yorkers of all backgrounds, but New York’s

Chinatown is

Oscar Jaramillo
Omie Shariff

Oscar Jaramillo I dont see any social distancing!!!!

Omie Shariff Facebook Hello for the past four months I have been trying to get back my old account after it was mistakenly disabled I was following the rules of Facebook and on July 21 it got locked out because I used a old number and had no email address to it is there a way that you guys can undisabled it I try your suggestions and it’s keeps your information couldn’t be submitted please help me get it back


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When Michael G. of Philadelphia was laid off from his finance job at a hotel in March, like many Americans, he had to come up with a plan. For six years, he’s been sewing and creating new clothes out of vintage items with his daughter Ava, age 9, as a way of bonding. Ever since he began documenting their creations on Instagram and the Facebook App a few years back, they’ve built a supportive following. And this year, their hobby

became a business, Daddy Dressed Me by Michael

Alvera Mateosky

the The New York Times article highlighting amazing men who have taken up the craft of sewing and design! You can read the whole

Alvera Mateosky I wish there had been something like this when my daughter was growing up. She would have loved dressing like

"Daddy" because he was her hero! God bless you, Michael.

A huge congratulations to Michael for being featured in

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Facebook nuotrauka.
Facebook nuotrauka.


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Customers love what small businesses bring to their communities. Their loyalty to those businesses helps turn them into places that locals eagerly

return to over and over again. We asked customers from shops like Cliff's

Variety in San Francisco, Ching Ching Cha tea room in Washington D.C., and J. Landress Brass shop in New York what makes the businesses they love special.

What makes your favorite small business great?

Steve Ball
Jennifer Simpson

Steve Ball ... Yep... Mike... This is a good example of the addage we learned working for the government... "If it ain't broke, fix it till it is..."

... It would be nice... as several of you have suggested... to give us the option of choice to pick the old layout and let all the 'TMI' folks

have the 'new normal'... [squeak... self.. don't get me started ! ]

Jennifer Simpson Dear Facebook, we know there are election laws

and procedures. The laws were broken and the procedures were

replaced with fraud. Please stop trying to convince us that our votes were respectfully, legally, and honestly counted.

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Facebook nuotrauka.

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This Giving Season, donations supporting 107,000 organizations have poured in for COVID relief, education, medical research, and so much more. We’re proud to share that to date, 1.9 million people started or donated to a fundraiser on Facebook and Instagram, raising $135 million during this Season of Giving.

How can you help give back this season? There are so many meaningful ways to get involved—from donating blood to volunteering your time to joining a local food drive. We’re inspired by all of you who are making a difference, and we thank you for supporting and giving back to communities across the world.

Kimberly Millick
Dawn Grinenko

Kimberly Millick I love helping animals in need

Dawn Grinenko Thank You to everyone who supported The Still

Place! Because of you we can provide more retreats to families with seriously ill children. BIG LOVE to you all!







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